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Launch of PAMU Academy, NZ

21 September 2017
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Wilson Consulting Group was very proud to be part of the successful launch of the PAMU Academy, Safety Leadership program offered and run for industry leaders from organisations such as Assure Quality, LIC, Balance, Farmlands, ANZ Bank and Landcorp.

“This is a world first, a great New Zealand Agricultural Industry initiative. PAMU Academy is a dedicated health and safety academy, focused on supporting local and national organisation in New Zealand build the skills and culture required to create a lasting shift in the Agriculture sector in workplace health and safety performance. Wilson Consulting Group was invited to partner with Landcorp in the establishment of PAMU Academy and building the curriculum required to raise the competence and capability across the 120,000 employees currently working within the sector in New Zealand” stated Ben Wilson, Managing Director WCG.

For more information on PAMU Academy please visit or call Leeanne Walters, Director WCG NZ on +64 27 836 6471.

Pamu Academy Safety Leadership Programme