Building a high performance safety culture

Are you looking to raise the standard for safety and output performance?

With over a decade of being the trusted partner for the Top 50 ASX companies, we intimately understand that cultures differ at an organisational level, and sometimes even from site to site.

We don’t do a stock standard, one size fits all approach; all of our initiatives take an inward-out perspective to understand your people, organisation and site challenges.


  • Cultural assessments and review
  • Strategic roadmaps
  • WHS strategy development


  • Executive alignment workshops
  • Safety summits
  • Stop for safety workshops


  • Train the trainer (Stop for safety facilitation)
  • All employee behavioural based safety training


  • We have walked their path. We have experienced high-risk cultures and are not afraid to call them out.
  • We work with organisations experiencing all levels of safety maturity.  You may have no risk management tools or frameworks or be a safety leader in your industry. Organisations may engage us on the back of a workplace injury, or may have implemented a number of underperforming measures conversely, the are high performers who seek to reengage and refresh their organisation’s safety culture to continue as a global leader. Our Client Stories demonstrate the diversity of of clients’ objectives and backgrounds.
  • We are equally as experienced working with boards as we are on the field working with your team. We have worked with high-risk cultures and are not afraid to call them out, and be the bearers of unsurprising bad news. Our insights uncover the issues that impact upon performance. However, with our extensive experience, our empathy and understanding allow us to provide customised solutions to dramatically improve the safety culture of your organisation, resulting in lower lost time injury, enhanced productivity, improved staff satisfaction.


  • For over a decade, we’ve worked with Australia’s leading institutions and organisations. We’ve walked your path, and we work collaboratively with your team, right across your business to drive change.
  • Our process is three fold; to develop an understanding what is going on, to build a practical vision that resonates and then implement new, effective and sustainable behaviours that stick.
  • Rigorous ethnographic study coupled with a detailed analysis of performance metrics allows us to delve deeply into the day-to-day behaviours, sub-cultures and leadership approaches for each site.
  • Our visioning sessions are inclusive, energetic and have a high level of ‘productive discomfort’. These events test approaches and foster advocacy throughout the team.