Implementing a high performing safety culture

Implementing a high performing safety culture

Has your organisation taken an arbitrary approach to safety?

Perhaps you have a well developed safety manual and a risk register, but have not developed the momentum to turn conceptual risk into practice, leaving your staff at risk of injury and performance compromised.

WCG can quickly identify the missing links to convert ad-hoc initiatives into an holistic safety program to reduce your risk profile by prioritising risk controls and developing engaging staff programs.
We also offer a range of additional products and services which will support a range of safety and compliance activities.


  • Truck File Safety Check App
  • Safety performance boards
  • Safety materials and collateral
  • Printing Services

Full service overview


  • Critical control management
  • Risk management and control effectiveness
  • Operational Risk Management Review
  • Incident Investigation (Major / Minor)
  • Crisis and Emergency Response


  • Working at Heights
  • Confined Spaces
  • Manual Handling
  • Emergency Warden (Chief and Fire)
  • First Aid Training
  • Mental First Aid Training


  • Many of our clients came to us with the baseline tools for a safety culture, but lacked the practical insights on how to turn repositories of information into robust, living and flexible support for day to day in the lives of their team.  Others look for experienced practitioners to confidently execute the vision for a high performing safety culture that they have built with their team.

  • Our clients come to us to help them make their safety culture visible. Through global benchmarking tools to printing solutions, we take your safety culture from an abstract concept buried in manuals and forgotten after staff orientation, to policies and initiatives that become lived daily experiences.


  • Our team consists of analysts, facilitators, communicators and strategists. We diagnose the skills your organisation needs for success and we develop a plan that delivers the most powerful benefits to your organisation. We listen to what you need, we understand your priorities and we show you how to make a safety culture a reality.

  • Our team is accountable for our solutions which means we embed the changes your organisation requires and we stay for the journey. We know that the advice we provide works, because we have made it work many times over and we will watch the transformation with you.