Sustaining a high performing safety culture

Identifying issues and creating programs can be often easier than making change stick. However, it is possible to successfully focus on ongoing development and refinement in a sustainable way.

WCG has shifted the behaviour of thousands of employees across Australia’s most well known organisations, and helped them sustain and build on their success into the future.


  • Cultural assessments and review
  • Bowtie risk assessment
  • Customised Mental Health and Wellbeing programmes
  • Workplace mental health consulting


  • WHS coordinators – where to focus
  • Safety interactions and infield coaching
  • Executive coaching and mental health support


  • Mental Health First Aid (2 day accreditation programme)
  • Mental Health Awareness – (1 day programme)


  • WCG is committed to making your safety vision a sustainable reality. We develop long term partnerships to empower and motivate your employees over the long term.
  • We understand the variables in organisational performance during the change process and can provide guidance and coaching to support both emotional and functional impacts to performance.


  • Clients can choose from a range of bespoke training and coaching services which best fit the current performance of the organisation.

  • We offer clients ways to successfully support their high performing teams and focus on continuous improvement in order to operate at an elite level.

  • Health and Safety improvements are embedded into the organisation’s DNA of “who we are and what we do”, and we provide ongoing tools and services to ensure that a high performing safety culture is nurtured for the long term.